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A homeowner purchased a pair of flower boxes, but the stands that came with them were not what they wanted.  We designed and fabricated new custom stands for them.  We then painted everything to match.

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Finishing & Restorations of Wood & Metal

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Photo of a flower box and stand.  We created the stand and finished both items.Buffing logophoto of door after metal & wood restoration

We chemically stripped off the old coatings from this door and hardware.  We then abrasive blasted the steel hardware, primed it, & painted it black.  The brass above the door handle was polished to a mirror finish and then clear coated.  For the wood we finish sanded, stained the panels one color and the rest of the door another color.  Then we sprayed multiple coats of spar urethane.  Needless to say, the homeowner was shocked with the results!  To be honest, we were impressed with how it turned out also.

Photo of entrance door prior to wood and metal restoration.Photo of copper and brass fire extinguisher after metal restorationPhoto of copper and brass fire extinguisher before metal restoration

We restored this copper and brass fire extinguisher.  Often times we have taken these antique metal extinguishers and turned them in to lamps.  This particular one did not get that extra step, but it did get a new hose.  Most people are surprised when they see how nice their old tarnished metal items look after a good machine polishing.