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Our advantages vs. onsite painters are:

1.  Highest Quality Finishes

Furniture grade finishes, free from brush strokes, any material specified, including catalyzed finishes.

2.  Odorless Jobsite

All products arrive to the job site fully cured.  No complaints from workers or homeowners about paint smells.

3.  Predictable Scheduling & Delivery of Products

We work closely with our customers to meet their deadlines for every order.  Our production schedule is closely monitored.

4.  Job Complete at Installation

When the finished products arrive at the jobsite, they are ready for immediate installation.  After that, the job is complete.  No more waiting around for the painters to show up.

5.  No Hazardous Environmental Issues at Jobsite

Applying finishes on the jobsite can create issues with OSHA, the EPA, the DNR, and lead to explosive environments that are dangerous and toxic to other workers and building occupants.

6.  Dust Free Finishes

Our finishing department is always clean and dust free.  Operations which create dust are permanently separated from the finishing department.

7.  Less People & Equipment on Jobsite

When using our services, you no longer need to worry about onsite painters and their equipment on the jobsite.  Thus liability is reduced, and your workers have more space to get the job done.

8.  Safe from Jobsite Damage, Theft, or Vandalism

Our facility is fully insured.  Your products will remain safe here, at Advanced Finishing.  The day they are delivered, they are ready to be installed.

9.  Full Product Tech Support

Our staff is available to assist you Monday-Friday  We can answer your questions about finishes, and fax or email whatever information you need to make a decision.

10. Competitive Pricing

Our efficient finishing system allows us to be competitive in pricing.  We are designed to handle small to large jobs with minimal waste of time or materials.

11. Stable Business with Assets

We have been serving the Greater Milwaukee area since 1995.  Our 10,000 sq. ft. facility is fully staffed, nicely equipped,  and ready to handle your order Monday-Friday.

Services for:

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Finishing & Restorations of Wood & Metal

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Services for: Builders & Remodelers



* Custom Cabinets

* Doors

* Trim

* Millwork

* Doors

* Hardware

* Light Fixtures

* Wood & Metal

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