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Advanced Finishing offers manufacturers of metal products a wide variety of finishing options.† Over the years we have acquired the equipment necessary to do difficult jobs.† We can get in to places other finishers canít access effectively.† Beyond the services listed above we offer: abrasive blasting, repairs, restorations, and so much more.† We work closely with some of the best TIG & Laser welders in Wisconsin.† They can do thin gauge stainless and aluminum where lesser weld shops totally fail.† Our multi-year relationships with other companies in the industry has been beneficial to manufacturers many times.


Everyone in our shop speaks English fluently.† They understand our instructions, and carefully inspect each part to make sure it meets the quality standards of our submitted sample.† In addition, everyone can read.† They understand the paperwork included with every job.† These might seem like normal conditions, however our industry has companies which do not meet these standards.† All of our upper management has extensive knowledge of the industry.† We can help guide the manufacturing process to become more effective and efficient.† This will be reflected in your bottom line.


Sometimes it is critical to get parts coated right after polishing or abrasive blasting.† With a full service, clean & well lit spray room in our facility, we can get your parts coated with minimal handling between processes and before corrosion or oxidation has a chance to effect the parts.


Our 10,000 sq. ft. facility with loading dock is ready for your next project.† Send in a request for quote.† We will do a sample to demonstrate our quality and capability.† Also, please feel free to stop in and see what Advanced Finishing has to offer.

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Finishing & Restorations of Wood & Metal

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Services for: Metal Manufacturers

Metal Finishing

Spray Coatings

* Polishing

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